A Camera Obscura on the Liffey Quays

This piece was made by Paddy Cahill and Michael Ryan with audio by myself. Paddy describes how he and Michael created the visuals "by blacking out the window of a room in my flat and then making a small hole in the blackout, this turned the room into a big camera. We set up a stills camera to take a 4 second exposure every 5 seconds. After we put the stills together into a time lapse video." The audio utilises field recordings made on the Liffey Quays along with some simple organ parts. The work was selected for inclusion in the pixelPops festival, 2012 which took place simultaneously in Cardiff, Wales and Barranquilla, Colombia. It also featured in the Describing Architecture exhibition at Open House Dublin, 2012 and the I Hear A New World exhibition of Contemporary Irish and International Visual Music in Luan Gallery, Athlone, July and August 2013. 

A Camera Obscura on the Liffey Quays from Paddy Cahill on Vimeo.